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Yoga Fitness Set


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  • Perfect for warmups & stretching, physical therapy, mobility exercises, etc. (*THIS BAND IS NOT FOR PULLUPS)
  • Adds light resistance to barbell exercises & bodyweight exercises.
  • Suitable for intermediate-level women & beginner-level men.
  • TAKE YOUR WORKOUTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Whether you are a beginner or expert, resistance bands have a place in your home gym. Resistance bands work your muscles like weights do – your muscles contract to generate force to stabilize and control the desired.
  • Loop Resistance Bands increase the effectiveness of your exercises. Used for a range of workouts, from glute and hip activation, strength techniques to integrate seamlessly with every workout program such as Yoga, Pilates, etc.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 63 × 37 × 14 cm


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