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The ARROW FITNESS Wrist Support relieves wrist pain by applying pressure to the injured area, helping you maintain activity and movement while healing at a healthy pace. Dual straps ensure secure support. The lining is made with moisture-absorbing material that helps you stay fresh. The brace is one size fits most. The durable strap is fully adjustable and can be used on both wrists. The wrist strap is perfectly designed to help you recover from injuries in a healthy, timely way, so you can be back at your best. It’s also suitable for sports, working out, and other physical activities. Fully adjustable Adjustable hook and loop design for a closed, comfortable fit. Moisture absorbing fabric ensures comfort while you wear it. Durable material Durable neoprene-blend material and coil springs add extra support and soothing, warm comfort. Preventing sports injuries Not only heals injury but also works to prevent further sports injuries.



  • ✓【STRONG PROTECTION AND WRIST STABILIZING】With gentle compression, this wrist brace can strongly protect and stabilize your wrist in working out. Without excess belt or band, it’s super easy to wear and fits either left hand or right hand. And it’s suitable for kids & adults, men & women.
  • ✓PREMIUM QUALITY: Wrist Support Gym Band has thumb loop, Strong Velcro closure, and dual elastics for flexible hold. Wrist Support is 10 times better than available market wrist supports.
  • ✓COMFORT FIT AND ADJUSTABILITY: The wrist Support Gym Band is made out of high-grade polyester and a fastening strap to give you premier comfort and stability. Just put them on and adjust to the desired fit.
  • ✓【RELAXING MERIDIANS AND ACTIVATING COLLATERALS】For the one side, wearing this wrist brace makes you feel soothing warmth and comfort. For the other, the hi-tech wrist wrap can prevent cold and wet air from entering your wrist in working out which is the main cause of carpal neuralgia. Why not think of the braces as your new choice of wrist support!
  • ✓TYPES OF WORKOUTS: Wrist Wraps for any type of workout including Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Cross-training, Strength training, Yoga, Shoulder presses, Bench presses, cleans, and Jerks.

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