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Workout Gloves (L)


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Built with cool weave technology, our gym gloves are designed to cater to the needs of weightlifters who often struggle with sweaty palms They can be easily tightened and loosened which enables you to adjust as per your comfort. This helps to reduce sweat build-up, provides more ventilation, and enhances your workout experience. The gym gloves ensure that your palms are comfortable, allow you a solid grip and give you full control of your workouts. [EFFICIENT PROTECTION]: The workout gloves make sure that your hands stay protected during the workout. The foam padding creates a cushioning layer before your palms and prevents injuries like callus tears, blisters and corns while working out. The wrist support helps shift the weight of the equipment from the wrist joint. The adjustable strap keeps the gloves in place for the entire duration of the exercise. The rubber padding over knuckles ensures safety and stability to your fingers. [SUPERIOR GRIP]: The honeycomb texture on the palm of our gym gloves ensure a good grip on the weight handles. The anatomic shape of the padding also adds to the comfortable hold and an efficient non-slip grip. The microfibre fabric of our gym gloves helps you to challenge yourself in exercise and achieve the best exercise effect with ease. This also makes the gym gloves efficiently strong and last for a long time. [PERFORM VERSATILE WORKOUTS]: Whether you are powerlifting, performing deadlifts, or working out in general, the workout gloves will help you up to your training game. You can wear them on any standard exercise such as gym rings workout, push-ups, pull-ups, dumbbell and barbell exercise, or calisthenics. Our gym gloves are perfect partners for physical activities such as trekking and hiking. [GO HEAVY AND LIFT MORE]: The Gym Gloves help you increase your grip strength and protect your hands at the same time. This enables you to lift more weights as compared to unprotected bare hands. Our gym gloves improve the range of motion and muscle isolation which allows you to get the maximum benefit out of your lifts. With the hands protected you can even increase your repetition which will help you reach your goals faster.



  • ✓PREMIUM GEL PADDING FOR SUPERIOR PROTECTION- Qatalyze gym gloves for men, women, and boys provide STRONGER PROTECTION: Full palm protection and thickening PAD will buffer the impact of sports equipment. The Wrist Strap, as a Stress reliever, contributes to improving your power and adjusting the tightness of the gloves.
  • ✓SUPERIOR WRIST SUPPORT – These hand gloves for the gym have extra-long 45cm wrist support for added comfort.
  • ✓EXQUISITE STITCHING QUALITY – the double stitching on the edges make our gym gloves for workout extra durable
  • ✓LIGHTWEIGHT YET STRONG AND BREATHABLE MATERIAL- These gym gloves are made of high-quality microfiber material which is lightweight with a classy look. There is breathable mesh providing optimum ventilation.
  • ✓ALL-PURPOSE GLOVES: Suitable for a variety of exercises—–Weight Lifting Pull Up, Exercise, Fitness, Gym Training, and General Workouts, etc. This glove is also a good choice when you need to do some tough work with your hands.
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