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Upright Bike MC-6.13 (Flora)


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Arrow magnetic exercise bike is a full-body exercise equipment that can exercise the upper body, waist and lower limbs. It can drive the muscles of the waist and abdomen when riding an exercise bike. The unique armrest design plays the role of exercising arms and improving safety.




FULL BODY EXERCISE: The ARROW exercise bike is a whole body exercise equipment that can exercise the upper body, waist, and the lower limbs. When riding the fitness bike, you can drive the muscles of your waist and abdomen. The unique handrail design plays the role of exercising arms and improving safety.
MUTE AND SAFE: The gym bike uses an internal magnetically controlled flywheel, which is more robust and mute, producing only 20 decibels of sound.Compared with ordinary exercise bikes, the magnetic control body-building bicycle is small in wear and uniform in force, and the resistance is controlled by the magnetic control wheel, so that the body-building is achieved, and the joint is not hurt.
DIGITAL MONITOR: Easy to operate large LCD display is easy to check, and has dial system, easy to set each item. The LCD shows Time, Speed, Distance, Odometer and Calories consumed. With mobile phone stand, you can watch TV or listen to music while exercising.
DURABLE STRUCTURE: The sturdy and durable tubular structure provides more stability and safety for your exercise. The built-in wheels are easy to move, compact and suitable for apartments. High-density padded cushions make you more comfortable. Ideal for beginners or more advanced users to use as a home gym.
EIGHT RESISTANCE LEVELS: The fitness bike can simulate the riding environment of flat road, mountain and high slope to meet the needs of different physique and different sports stages. 1-3 levels exercise heart and lung, suitable for warm-up or people with poor physique; 4-6 levels of moderate resistance burning fat to help lose weight, suitable for mass fitness people; 7-8 levels of high resistance strengthening exercise muscles, suitable for people with better physical strength.

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 102.87 × 48.76 × 142.24 cm


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